Monday, June 8, 2009

The Canadian 2010 Honda Insight EX review is up

I am happy to report that we finally published the much awaited Honda Insight in-depth review.

As you will discover, this is no mere review since we not only explored this car in detail but we also managed to compare it to the Honda's Honda Civic Hybrid, which also happens to share the showroom floor with the 2010 Insight at your local dealer.

NOTE: If you are not interested in what this car can do from a fuel economy and lower emissions perspective then it is likely that this review will not excite you.

As we have said many times before, our focus is safety and ecologically responsible driving. On this note, you will not read about 0-100 km/h numbers or slalom acceleration forces or braking distances. For that we happily refer you to our dependable colleagues in the mainstream press who over the years have done an admirable job on the latter.

Coming up: Canadian 2010 Toyota Prius + Detailed comparison with the 2009 Prius


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  1. Thanks Manuel for this well-written and thorough review. I enjoyed reading it. With the price of the 2010 Prius matching the Insight EX, I am very anxious to read your upcoming review of the Prius too.